The Best Soccer Camps In Town

Most moms make the summer plans for their children. And our family is no exception. When it came to soccer camps, however, this was dad's decision. For our family, the only soccer camp in town is Coach Mike Henshaw's camp. While my husband was at Rice University, he played college soccer for Mike Henshaw as Mike was the head coach. We have known Mike for close to 25 years now. Things have come full circle as both of our children play soccer and how amazing that they, too get to learn from Coach Henshaw.

The first interesting thing you'll notice about preparing for Mike Henshaw's soccer camp is the list of items to bring. There are the usual suspects: soccer ball, pads, water. But then you'll notice 3 random items not typically found in a soccer bag: 1 pencil, 1 pen, notebook.

When our kids first signed up for Mike's soccer camp (which was almost 5 years ago when my son was 5-6 and my daughter was 7-8), they were wondering why they needed to bring a pencil, pen and notebook. And as we discussed with them, part of this soccer camp would be a classroom lesson on not only how to play the game of soccer but also a focus on character building as a key part of becoming a great soccer player. Needless to say, neither kid understood what that meant at that early age. Suffice it to say that they were nervous to be headed to a summer camp where they had to bring school supplies.

After picking them up that first day of Henshaw camp, they were so excited as they were getting into the car. I asked them how camp was and they both yelled "It was awesome". This was after about 6 hours of soccer camp in Houston during the summer which meant about 90 degrees plus temperatures and humidity. When I asked them what they liked, they said the coaches were awesome and made it fun. They said they loved playing the game. And finally, they both said the classroom part was the best. I'm thinking, what? And as best as little kids back then could articulate, they said that they spent that time listening to Mike talk about what it means to be team player, how to lead by example, how that flows over into everything else they did, including soccer. And then he taught them the most important thing: The Rice Lads/Chelsea song. Every word complete with grunting at the end.

Everything you read about Mike and his program is true. Our kids are living examples of it. They love the game. They love the practice. They love the drills. They love the coaching. They love the fun and camaraderie. But most importantly, they love Mike and what he stands for. This is THE best soccer camp in town.

Sue Oldham, Soccer Mom

Looking Forward To Next Year Already

Estas dos semanas de entrenamiento de soccer han sido excelentes para nuestro hijo. El equipo de Mike es muy profesional, motivador y muy adecuado para la edad de los niños. Tienen un excelente equilibrio de esfuerzo, trabajo en equipo y retos que en la práctica de soccer y en el día a día les ayuda a ser mejores compañeros y amigos. Nuestro hijo ha disfrutado mucho el campamento y cada día llega a casa con ánimo y muy bien entrenado. Estamos esperando con gusto el próximo verano.

These two weeks of soccer training have been excellent for our son. Mike´s team is very professional, motivating and age appropriate for the kids. They promote effort, team work and challenges in a balanced environment which also helps them develop better team building and social skills both on and off the court. Our son has enjoyed camp and he comes home every day in good spirits and well trained. We are looking forward to next year´s summer.

Regina Larrea

Soccer Equals Football

In my opinion, Coach Henshaw is not only a magnificent coach and educator, but a great football player in his own right, even now. He does more than just lead by a superlative example of physical fitness. He is not only capable of providing you with insight on your technique, he can accurately demonstrate the requisite skills.

I played for Mike for two years at Rice in the late 1980’s and it was a critical component of my Rice University experience. He will deftly impart the X’s and O’s of strategy, enabling a player to make themselves a more effective and valuable player on the pitch, if they put in the work. He is able to recognize a player’s inherent strengths and weaknesses and tailors his instructional approach to maximize the end result. "Putting the ball in the back of the net!"... or if on defense keeping that from happening.

Most importantly however Coach Henshaw is a motivated individual that will energize, inspire and engage your soccer player to truly love “The Beautiful Game”. Sufficient interaction with Coach Henshaw may even eventually allow them to understand that Football is a team sport that builds character, camaraderie, sportsmanship and friendships that last a lifetime. I consider Mike a dear friend and if another Rice Lad was serious, Shana and I plan on having our three boys attend his camp even though we live in Virginia.

Dave Freeman, Rice “Football Player” 1988-1989, Rice “Lad” for Life

A Whole Life Experience

I had the great opportunity to play soccer under the tutelage of Mike Henshaw as part of the Rice Men’s Soccer team, The Lads. One of the most fantastic opportunities I have had as a player and a parent is to share that experience with my son. Ben has attended the Mike Henshaw Soccer Camp and grown both in physical soccer skills, as well as in personal character. I would highly recommend this camp as a TOTAL LIFE EXPERIENCE and not just a summer soccer camp.

David Mansfield, MD